PHP/ MySql Training Kolkata

Web development is one of the that kind of career you are 100% assured to get not only jobs but also very good jobs and promising salary. PHP is most popular server side scripting languge. Because of easy to learn but robust and secured features, its popularity is increasing day-by-day. It would be not an exagration to say that PHP is the future…
What we provide in this course ?

1. What is PHP and why its so popular.

2. Learn HTML and CSS.

3. What is server side scripting and how its different from ASP, ASP.NET and other programing languages.

4. Install wamp sever

5. Learn Basic of PHP.

6. How to write simple php program?

7. Learn how to create form and post data.

8. What is Get and POST? Learn with example.

7. What is an array? get in-depth knowledge of array.


1. What is MySql and What is difference between MS-SQL and Oracle.

2. Learn basic syntax of mysql.

3. Create databse, tables.

4. Learn about index and primary key and auto increment.

5. Install phpMyadmin.

6. Learn how to use PHPMyadmin

PHP/MySql Mix.

1.Create table and connect mysql database with PHP.

2. Create simple login/registration form and learn how to create password protected page.

3. Learn how to create a CMS website.

4. Learn how to develope a shopping website.

Work on Live Projects.

1. Create a real life project.

2. Develope complete website on local computer.

3. Learn how to use ftp.

4. Create database on server.

5. Connect database in server and upload your website.

6. Make the website live.

Fees : Rs 6,000/-
Duration : Two and Half  Months
Class : 1.5 hours X 3 days in a week.
+91 9163737920
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